Upcoming Volkswagen Electric Vehicles

November 15th, 2019 by

Upcoming Volkswagen EV’s

Volkswagen is always innovating and keeping up to date with new technologies. The world is making changes needed to improve our environment, air and Volkswagen is aware of the demand for electric vehicles is rising and gas-powered vehicles will be fewer. Volkswagen will have a wide range of electric vehicles to watch out for by 2025. They will be quick charging; charging up to 10km/min and will drive up to 400 km on a single charge, and improvement from what is currently available on the market today. The EV’s will have a hands-free option as well, with an autonomous driving mode available on some models.

ID Crozz

One of the Volkswagen EVs in development, this EV is sleek and stylish with a fast-charging battery. It is planned to be available for Canada in 2021. It will have an autonomous driving mode, reality display, and a roomy interior.

ID Vizzion

This fully autonomous electric car may someday do away with a steering wheel and pedals, you can enjoy hands-free with the VW Digital Chauffeur. This EV also comes with a fast-charging battery and a 400km range.

ID Buzz

This new development is exciting; a Volkswagen microbus, bringing back the retro feel of the VW bus, but with a new modern twist. It will have a powerful electric motor, adjustable interior with room for up to 7 people and incredible range. This microbus will also have a fast-charging battery.

Our world is far different from previous generations and is changing every day. Views on our climate and pollution is an important one to many people and needs to be considered when purchasing a vehicle that will last you for years. Keep in touch with us here at Abbotsford Volkswagen, these EV’s will be available sooner than you think! 2021 isn’t too far away!

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