Corporate Programs

Abbotsford Volkswagen Fleet and Corporate Programs

Save thousands with Fleet pricing! Note that there may be other incentives available in addition to the Fleet savings!

Fleet Discounts for 2021

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Please note that there may be additional savings available. Promotions change on a regular basis.

What makes sense for your company – lease or purchase?

Advantages of Leasing
  • Lease what you want for as long as you need.
  • Keep your corporate brand fresh with newer vehicles
  • Leasing keeps up front costs low and usually provides lower monthly payments.
  • Vehicles are generally under warranty during the leasing period.
  • Maintenance costs are predictable and stable.
  • Preserves cash and allows for allocation to other parts of business
  • No end of life disposal required – just return the vehicle!
Advantages of Purchasing
  • You own the car once it’s paid for
  • If you keep your cars for the long term, your overall expenses will be lower
  • No limit to how many kilometers you can drive in a period
  • You can sell or trade the car when you wish
  • You can modify the car any way you like
  • Contact us to see if you qualify. There may be additional savings available as promotions change on a regular basis.

Volkswagen Fleet and Corporate Financing

The Volkswagen Finance Commercial Fleet Financing Program offers financing and leasing solutions designed to help you get your business moving at an affordable rate. This program is ideal for small fleet customers.

Volkswagen Finance Commercial Fleet Financing Program features:
  • Special APR and lease rates (without Volkswagen Canada basic fleet allowance).
  • Standard APR and lease rates (with Volkswagen Canada basic fleet allowance).
  • Streamlined credit approvals – line of credit established for qualified customers.

Eligible Customers

  • Available to any business owners who own or lease at least ONE vehicle
  • Any commercial applicant that requires multi-vehicle financing including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, universities and not-for-profit organizations are eligible

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